Anti Oedipus

Anti Oedipus Author Gilles Deleuze
ISBN-10 0143105825
Year 2009
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Penguin Classics

"First published in the United States of America by The Viking Press 1977"--T.p. verso.

A User s Guide to Capitalism and Schizophrenia

A User s Guide to Capitalism and Schizophrenia Author Brian Massumi
ISBN-10 0262132826
Year 1992
Pages 229
Language en
Publisher MIT Press

A User's Guide to Capitalism and Schizophreniais a playful and emphatically practical elaboration of the major collaborative work of the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. When read along with its rigorous textual notes, the book also becomes the richest scholarly treatment of Deleuze's entire philosophical oeuvre available in any language. Finally, the dozens of explicit examples that Brian Massumi furnishes from contemporary artistic, scientific, and popular urban culture make the book an important, perhaps even central text within current debates on postmodern culture and politics. Capitalism and Schizophrenia is the general title for two books published a decade apart. The first, Anti-Oedipus, was a reaction to the events of May/June 1968; it is a critique of "state-happy" Marxism and "school-building" strains of psychoanalysis. The second, A Thousand Plateaus, is an attempt at a positive statement of the sort of nomad philosophy Deleuze and Guattari propose as an alternative to state philosophy. Brian Massumi is Professor of Comparative Literature at McGill University.

Limits of the Secular

Limits of the Secular Author Kaustuv Roy
ISBN-10 9783319486987
Year 2016-12-09
Pages 223
Language en
Publisher Springer

This book facilitates a missing dialogue between the secular and the transsecular dimensions of human existence. It explores two kinds of limits of the secular: the inadequacies of its assumptions with respect to the total being of the human, and how it curbs the ontological sensibilities of the human. Kaustuv Roy argues that since secular reason of modernity can only represent the empirical dimension of existence, humans are forced to privatize the non-empirical dimension of being. It is therefore absent from the social, imaginary, as well as public discourse. This one-sidedness is the root cause of many of the ills facing modernity. Roy contends that a bridge-consciousness that praxeologically relates the secular and the non-secular domains of experience is the need of the hour.

Look at the Bunny

Look at the Bunny Author Dominic Pettman
ISBN-10 9781780991405
Year 2013-03-29
Pages 232
Language en
Publisher John Hunt Publishing

Are totems merely a thing of the distant past? Or might it be that our sleek new machines are producing totemic forces which we are only beginning to recognize? This book asks to what degree today's media technologies are haunted by a Freudian ghost, functioning as totems or taboos (or both). By isolating five case-studies (rabbits in popular culture, animated creatures that go "off-program," virtual lovers, jealous animal spirit guides, and electronic paradises), Look at the Bunny highlights and explores today's techno-totemic environment. In doing so, it explores how nonhuman avatars are increasingly expected to shepherd us beyond our land-locked identities, into a risky - sometimes ecstatic - relationship with the Other.

Home Uprooted

Home  Uprooted Author Devika Chawla
ISBN-10 9780823256433
Year 2014
Pages 273
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

Exploring the oral histories of three generations of refugees from India's Partition--ten Hindu and Sikh families in Delhi, Home, Uprooted melds oral histories with a fresh perspective on current literature to unravel the emergent conceptual nexus of home, travel, and identity in the stories of the participants. Author Devika Chawla argues that the ways in which her participants imagine, recollect, memorialize, or "abandon" home in their everyday narratives give us unique insights into how refugee identities are constituted. These stories reveal how migrations are enacted and what home--in its sense, absence, and presence--can mean for displaced populations. Written in an accessible and experimental style that blends biography, autobiography, essay, and performative writing, Home, Uprooted folds in field narratives with Chawla's own family history, which was also shaped by the Partition event and her self-propelled migration to North America.


Animacies Author Mel Y. Chen
ISBN-10 9780822352723
Year 2012-07-10
Pages 297
Language en
Publisher Duke University Press

Rethinks the criteria governing agency and receptivity, health and toxicity, productivity and stillness

Deleuze and Theology

Deleuze and Theology Author Christopher Ben Simpson
ISBN-10 9780567363350
Year 2012-11-22
Pages 112
Language en
Publisher A&C Black

An exploration of the thought of Gilles Deleuze and its relevance to theology.

The Mother of the Lord

The Mother of the Lord Author Margaret Barker
ISBN-10 9780567528155
Year 2012-11-29
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher A&C Black

Margaret Barker traces the veneration of the Mother of the Lord back to the Old Testament and a female deity in the first Jewish temple.

Ethics and Literature in Chile Argentina and Paraguay 1970 2000

Ethics and Literature in Chile  Argentina  and Paraguay  1970 2000 Author Carlos M. Amador
ISBN-10 9781137546333
Year 2016-05-04
Pages 195
Language en
Publisher Springer

This book argues for a new reading of the political and ethical through the literatures of Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay from 1970-2000. Carlos Amador reads a series of examples from the last dictatorship and the current post-dictatorship period in the Southern Cone, including works by Augusto Roa Bastos, Roberto Bolaño, Ceferino Reato, Horacio Verbitsky, Nelly Richard, Diamela Eltit, and Willy Thayer, with the goal of uncovering the logic behind their conceptions of belonging and rejection. Focusing on theoretical concepts that make possible the formation of any and all communities, this study works towards a vision of literature as essential to the structure of ethics.

The Plantation in the Postslavery Imagination

The Plantation in the Postslavery Imagination Author Elizabeth Christine Russ
ISBN-10 9780195377156
Year 2009
Pages 212
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA

In a provocative new approach toward understanding transnational literary cultures, this study examines the specter of the plantation, that physical place most vividly associated with slavery in the Americas. For Elizabeth Russ, the plantation is not merely a literal location, but also a vexing rhetorical, ideological, and psychological trope through which intersecting histories of the New World are told. Through a series of precise, in-depth readings, Russ analyzes the discourse of the plantation through a number of suggestive pairings: male and female perspectives; U.S. and Spanish American traditions; and continental alongside island societies. To chart comparative elements in the development of the postslavery imagination in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, Russ distinguishes between a modern and a postmodern imaginary. The former privileges a familiar plot of modernity: the traumatic transition from a local, largely agrarian order to an increasingly anonymous industrialized society. The latter, abandoning nostalgia toward the past, suggests a new history using the strategies of performance, such as witnessing, reticency, and traversal. Authors examined include The Twelve Southerners, Fernando Ortiz, Teresa de la Parra, Eudora Welty, Antonio Benítez Rojo, Gayl Jones, Toni Morrison, and Mayra Santos-Febres, among others. Applying sharp analyses across a broad range of texts, Russ reveals how the language used to imagine communities influenced by the plantation has been gendered, racialized, and eroticized in ways that oppose the domination of an ever-shifting "North" while often reproducing the fundamental power divide. Her work moves beyond the North-South dichotomy that has often stymied scholarly work in Latin American studies and, importantly, provides a model for future hemispheric approaches.

Neoliberal Australia and US Imperialism in East Asia

Neoliberal Australia and US Imperialism in East Asia Author Erik Paul
ISBN-10 9781137272775
Year 2012-10-23
Pages 230
Language en
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

In his critical analysis of the geopolitical economy of Australia., Erik Paul establishes causal links between the neoliberal state and violence within society and Australia's external aggression as part of the US imperial project in Asia. Australia plays a major role in the urban and industrial transformation of East Asia, as a key provider of the region's needs for mineral, energy and food, but is largely dependent on Anglo-American investments for its export income and economic growth, and social wellbeing and cohesion. With US strategy aiming for regime change in China and Australia's future as a nation state closely linked to the US national interest and ruling elite, the author is forced to question whether Australia should move away from the profoundly anti-democratic nature of neoliberalism by reclaiming the state for the common good.

The New Media Invasion

The New Media Invasion Author John David Ebert
ISBN-10 9780786488186
Year 2011-09-02
Pages 231
Language en
Publisher McFarland

From the 15th century until the mid-1990s, media based on the printed word--books, magazines, handbills, newspapers, and journals--dominated society. Today, an onslaught of digital media centered on the Internet is developing at a breathtaking pace, destabilizing the very idea of printed media and fundamentally reshaping our world in the process. This study explores how Internet entities like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Google, and gadgets such as digital cameras, cell phones, video games, robots, drones, and all things MacIntosh have affected everything from the book industry an.

Perceptions of Knowledge Visualization Explaining Concepts through Meaningful Images

Perceptions of Knowledge Visualization  Explaining Concepts through Meaningful Images Author Ursyn, Anna
ISBN-10 9781466647046
Year 2013-10-31
Pages 418
Language en
Publisher IGI Global

Multisensory perception is emerging as an important factor in shaping current lifestyles. Therefore, computer scientists, engineers, and technology experts are acknowledging the comparative power existing beyond visual explanations. Perceptions of Knowledge Visualization: Explaining Concepts through Meaningful Images discusses issues related to visualization of scientific concepts, picturing processes and products, as well as the role of computing in the advancement of visual literacy skills. By connecting theory with practice, this book gives researchers, computer scientists, and academics an active experience which enhances the perception and the role of computer graphics.

Climate Change Fictions

Climate Change Fictions Author Antonia Mehnert
ISBN-10 9783319403373
Year 2016-11-04
Pages 254
Language en
Publisher Springer

This book highlights the importance of the cultural sphere, and in particular literature, in response and discussion with the unprecedented phenomenon known as climate change. Antonia Mehnert turns to a set of contemporary American works of fiction, reading them as a unique response to the challenges of representing climate change. She draws on “climate change fiction”— texts dealing explicitly with anthropogenic climate change—and explores how these works convey climate change, deal with its challenging characteristics, and with what narrative techniques they ultimately participate in its communication. Indeed, a number of challenging traits make climate change a difficult issue to engage with including its slow and long temporal dimension, global scale, scientific controversy, and its disconnect between cause and effect. Considering such complexity and uncertainty at the source of climate change fictions, this book moves beyond a solely ecocritical analysis and shows how these climate change fictions constitute an insightful cultural repertoire valuable for discussion in the environmental humanities in general.