Bridge Basics 3

Bridge Basics 3 Author Audrey Grant
ISBN-10 0939460920
Year 2007-09
Pages 230
Language en
Publisher Baron/Barclay Bridge Supplies

Audrey Grant does it again with an amazing new book, Popular Conventions, the third book in the series, covers everything from playing at a party table to a tournament table. Popular Conventions teaches you the core conventions that will strengthen your game for sure. It introduces you to the Stayman convetions, Jacoby transfer bids, the strong artificial two club opening, Blackwood and Gerber. This book gives you a chance to get ahead and win!

Bridge For Dummies

Bridge For Dummies Author Eddie Kantar
ISBN-10 9781119247838
Year 2016-05-10
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Try a hand at bridge—and outsmart your opponents Bridge is the most popular card game in the world—and, as any player will tell you, is simply the best card game ever. Whether you're new to the game or a long-time player looking for new tricks, this new edition of Bridge For Dummies walks you through the intricacies of the game and arms you with tried-and-true tips and strategies for being a better player and beating your opponents from the very first draw. Covering not only traditional contract bridge, but other popular variations of the game—including ACOL, Rubber, and Duplicate Bridge—this hands-on, friendly guide takes the guesswork out of this beloved game and arms you with the knowledge and know-how to make your game mates your minions. From knowing when and how high to bid to bringing home the tricks when you end up in a trump contract, it'll take your bridge skills to the next level in no time! Strategize with your bridge partner Confidently play bridge in clubs and tournaments Use basic and advanced bidding techniques Find bridge clubs and tournaments all over the world Are you ready to trump the competition? Success is a page away with the help of Bridge For Dummies.

25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know

25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know Author Barbara Seagram
ISBN-10 189415407X
Year 1999-01-01
Pages 190
Language en
Publisher Master Point Press

Explains twenty-five bidding conventions, including the grand slam force, lead-directing doubles, negative doubles, new minor forcing, responsive doubles, reverse Drury, splinter bids, Stayman, takeout doubles, and weak two-bids

Bridge at a Glance

Bridge at a Glance Author Audrey Grant
ISBN-10 0910791627
Year 2014-03-07
Pages 36
Language en
Publisher Baron/Barclay Bridge Supplies

This has been the go-to quick reference booklet for thousands of Bridge players since it was originally published. Slim and portable, it offers concise summaries of a wide variety of bids and coordinates with Grant's Bridge Basics books. A color-coded Bidding Ladder indicates the meaning of bids, and tabs grant quick access to any of the topics. This revision adds four pages, providing expanded information and a handy new scoring chart.

2 Over 1 Game Force

2 Over 1 Game Force Author Audrey Grant
ISBN-10 093946084X
Year 2009
Pages 238
Language en
Publisher Baron/Barclay Bridge Supplies

This book covers a popular variation of Standard American bidding methods called Two-Over-One Game Force.

25 Steps to Learning 2 1

25 Steps to Learning 2 1 Author Paul Thurston
ISBN-10 1894154460
Year 2002
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Master Point Press

Another title in the best-selling '25' series, using the same popular format. Over the last fifteen or so years, the 2/1 Game Forcing bidding method has gained substantial popularity, but for various reasons it is not taught in beginner classes. This book is therefore designed for players who are familiar with Standard bidding and are interested in switching to the 2/1 method. It covers basic concepts as well as the differences between 2/1 and Standard auctions, and includes a discussion of more advanced ideas and conventions that fit particularly well with 2/1 methods. Existing books on this topic (notably by Max Hardy and Mike Lawrence) are too advanced and/or too technical for this level of player.

Improve Your Declarer Play

Improve Your Declarer Play Author Audrey Grant
ISBN-10 0939460386
Year 2013-10-07
Pages 55
Language en
Publisher Baron/Barclay Bridge Supplies

This second title in Audrey Grant's Bookmark Series teaches how to implement the endplay in bridge. In some suit combinations it's better to have the suit led by the opponents into the declarer's strength. Learn how to recognize suits better led by defender, identify the exit card, eliminate defenders' options and play the throw-in. There are explanatory hands plus ten practice deals. Fold-out bookmark flaps reference the essential ideas.

Bridge Maxims

Bridge Maxims Author Audrey Grant
ISBN-10 PSU:000013234713
Year 1987
Pages 239
Language en
Publisher Prentice Hall Direct

Describes sample bridge hands, explains how to play them, and looks at the meaning of common bridge sayings

How to Play a Bridge Hand

How to Play a Bridge Hand Author William S. Root
ISBN-10 9780307774453
Year 2010-11-03
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher Three Rivers Press

Neither for beginners nor for experts but for the 90 percent of players in between, How to Play a Bridge Hand includes more than 300 of bridge master William Root's favorite hands. Hailed by the American Bridge Teachers' Association as the "Book of the Year." Line drawings. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Summer Bridge Activities Grades 4 5

Summer Bridge Activities    Grades 4   5 Author Summer Bridge Activities
ISBN-10 9781624424687
Year 2013-01-02
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Carson-Dellosa Publishing

School stops for summerÉlearning never should! The award-winning Summer Bridge Activitiesª workbook series is aligned to Common Core State Standards and was developed to help parents support their children academically year-round. While there are many other summer workbooks available, Summer Bridge Activitiesª remains the #1 choice recommended by teachers. In only 15 minutes a day, each age-appropriate Summer Bridge Activitiesª workbook helps your child keep skills sharp and feel confident for the next school year. Each workbook is divided into three sections which correspond to the three months of traditional summer vacation. Sections begin with a goal-setting activity, a word list, and information for parents about the fitness and character development activities located throughout the section. Extension activities also encourage outdoor learning, science experiments, and social studies exercises. With bonus flash cards and a colorful award certificate, Summer Bridge Activitiesª is all you need for learning fun all summer long!

More Commonly Used Conventions in the 21st Century

More Commonly Used Conventions in the 21st Century Author Audrey Grant
ISBN-10 0939460955
Year 2008-04
Pages 380
Language en
Publisher Baron/Barclay Bridge Supplies

This is the 5th in the American Contract Bridge League's series of bridge books for beginning and advancing players. Successfully used for over 20 years, this edition has been updated to reflect modern theory. Lessons include Negative Doubles, Other Doubles, Overcalls, Two-Suited Overcalls, Blackwood and Gerber, Finding Key Cards, Leads and Signals, and Two-Over-One.