Foreign to Familiar A Guide to Understanding Hot And Cold Climate Cultures

Foreign to Familiar  A Guide to Understanding Hot   And Cold   Climate Cultures Author Sarah A. Lanier
ISBN-10 158158072X
Year 2004-02-01
Pages 128
Language en

Foreign to Familiar is a splendidly written, well-researched work on cultures. Anyone traveling abroad should not leave home without this valuable resource! I highly recommend it as required reading for cross-cultural workers. Sarah Lanier's love and sensitivity for people of all nations will touch your heart. This book creates within us a greater appreciation for our extended families around the world and an increased desire to better serve them. - Dr. Kingsley A. Fletcher President, Hope for Africa, Inc. [on back cover].

African Friends and Money Matters

African Friends and Money Matters Author David E. Maranz
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105111868506
Year 2001
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher International Academic Bookstore

Discussion of the different goals of African and Western economic systems and ninety observations of African behaviors related to money matters and the frictions which can result when Westerners misunderstand.

Teaching Cross Culturally

Teaching Cross Culturally Author Judith E. Lingenfelter
ISBN-10 9781585583089
Year 2003-06-01
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Baker Books

Teaching Cross-Culturally is a challenging consideration of what it means to be a Christian educator in a culture other than your own. Chapters include discussions about how to uncover cultural biases, how to address intelligence and learning styles, and teaching for biblical transformation. Teaching Cross-Culturally is ideal for the western-trained educator or missionary who plans to work in a non-western setting, as well as for those who teach in an increasingly multicultural North America.

Short Term Missions Workbook

Short Term Missions Workbook Author Tim Dearborn
ISBN-10 9780830868094
Year 2010-09-20
Pages 127
Language en
Publisher InterVarsity Press

Going on a short-term missions trip can be a life- and faith-transforming experience. It can enrich the way you view the world. It will cause you to rely on God more fully. It is an opportunity to develop deep relationships with your team and the people you serve. A short-term missions experience can also involve weeks of physical and spiritual distress. An unprepared team can wreak havoc on each other and the people they intend to serve. To get the most out of such a missions trip, you need to go prepared. Whether you are going on your own or with a team, the keys to preparation are here in Tim Dearborn's workbook. It includes Concise summary of crosscultural principles Help in facing spiritual warfare Tips on avoiding a tourist mentality Spiritual preparation through individual or group Bible study 8-week course for teams to do together You'll get a biblical perspective on the world, gain crosscultural understanding and even prepare for reentry when you return. If you are planning to go on a short-term missions trip, don't leave home without working through this book!

Serving with Eyes Wide Open

Serving with Eyes Wide Open Author David A. Livermore
ISBN-10 9781441241139
Year 2012-12-01
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Baker Books

Short-term mission trips are great ways to impact the kingdom. Yet they can lack effectiveness because of mistakes or naiveté on the part of participants. In this insightful and timely book, David A. Livermore calls us to serve with our eyes open to global and cultural realities so we can become more effective cross-cultural ministers. Serving with Eyes Wide Open is a must-have book for anyone doing a short-term mission or service project, whether domestic or overseas. Foreword by Paul Borthwick.

The 3D Gospel

The 3D Gospel Author Jayson Georges
ISBN-10 0692338012
Year 2014-11-21
Pages 80
Language en

"Is your gospel 3D? Western theology emphasizes legal forgiveness of sins, but people in the Majority World seek honor or spiritual power. In today's globalized world, Christians need a three-dimensional gospel. Learn how the Bible speaks to cultures of guilt, shame, and fear, and enhance your cross-cultural ministry among the nations! The 3D Gospel is a concise book explaining the world's three primary culture types and how Christians can fruitfully minister cross-culturally. To equip believers with a dynamic view of gospel, The 3D Gospel explains the following aspects of guilt, shame, and fear cultures: The main cultural characteristics; How people function in everyday life; The biblical narrative of salvation; Doctrines of original sin and the atonement of Jesus; Definitions of 40+ theological categories; Key verses from scripture; Two separate evangelistic approaches; A contextualized form of Christian witness; Practical tips for relationships and communication."--

Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian

Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian Author Dean Sherman
ISBN-10 0927545055
Year 1995-06-01
Pages 216
Language en
Publisher YWAM Publishing

"Dean Sherman is dean of the College of Christian Ministries at Youth With A Mission's University of the Nations. He is respected internationally as a Bible teacher, having taught on spiritual warfare and relationships since the 1970s in ministers' conferences, YWAM schools, and churches in 49 states and more than 40 countries. God has called Christians to overcome the world and drive back the forces of evil and darkness at work within it. Spiritual warfare isn't just casting out demons; it's Spirit-controlled thinking and attitudes. Dean Sherman delivers a no-nonsense, both-feet-planted-on-the-ground biblical approach to the unseen world. Over 300,000 copies sold!

Drumming Up Dialogue

Drumming Up Dialogue Author Patrick Wanakuta Baraza
ISBN-10 1462016219
Year 2011-07-25
Pages 420
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

If, as they say, we all come out of Africa, then somewhere in Kenya’s Rift Valley we first learned to live as human beings and we quickly learned to quarrel, too. Migration patterns within Kenya are as complicated as any in the U.S. or Europe and its multi-ethnic history is much, much longer. Fr. Baraza, knows both the brightness of human progress in a peaceful countryside as well as the shadows left by war and fighting. He writes about how to resolve conflicts and difficulties by people who have had long life experience. Drumming Up Dialogue applies the thinking of three leading writers in the field of conflict management to the Bukusu community of Kenya: philosopher Martin Buber, political scientist Fred Charles Iklé, and cultural anthropologist William Ury. These three theorists address the creating of peace between individuals, between opposing factions, and between countries and cultures. Drumming is a traditional Bukusu way of communication. Fr. Baraza uses the drum as a metaphor for the different ways dialogue can be used and interpreted. Baraza presents one of the very few studies of culture of the Bukusu people and the only one to address dialogue through their religions. Based upon the personal experiences and Baraza’s ongoing contact with his Bukusu people, Drumming Up Dialogue seeks to awaken us to the cultural values of the Bukusu and offer an alternative way to conflict resolution. Hilary Martin, PhD, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

When Helping Hurts

When Helping Hurts Author Steve Corbett
ISBN-10 9780802487629
Year 2014-01-24
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Moody Publishers

With more than 300,000 copies in print, When Helping Hurts is a paradigm-forming contemporary classic on the subject of poverty alleviation. Poverty is much more than simply a lack of material resources, and it takes much more than donations and handouts to solve it. When Helping Hurts shows how some alleviation efforts, failing to consider the complexities of poverty, have actually (and unintentionally) done more harm than good. But it looks ahead. It encourages us to see the dignity in everyone, to empower the materially poor, and to know that we are all uniquely needy—and that God in the gospel is reconciling all things to himself. Focusing on both North American and Majority World contexts, When Helping Hurts provides proven strategies for effective poverty alleviation, catalyzing the idea that sustainable change comes not from the outside in, but from the inside out.

Re Entry

Re Entry Author Peter Jordan
ISBN-10 0927545403
Year 1992
Pages 150
Language en
Publisher YWAM Publishing

"This is essential reading by everyone with a heart for missions; those who send, those who are sent and especailly those on the welcome committee when they return".........Garaham Kerr

God s Global Mosaic

God s Global Mosaic Author Paul-Gordon Chandler
ISBN-10 0830822518
Year 2000-01-06
Pages 142
Language en
Publisher IVP Books

God's people around the world form a mosaic. Each piece of the picture is different but contributes to a beautiful portrait of who God is and what he is doing among his creation. As you learn from these many cultural expressions of Christianity, your own faith will be made more complete. Drawing from scriptural illustrations, Paul-Gordon Chandler highlights cultural themes and tells inspirational stories from believers around the world. Ranging from the streets of Hong Kong to the shores of a village in Guatemala, these stories illuminate each region's culture and history. You'll be drawn into the mystery of God with Christians in Eastern Europe. You'll learn perseverance from fellow believers in the Middle East. Latin American churches exuberantly share joy in Christ. And brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia and India also open their hearts to help you understand God from their point of view. As you begin to see God through the eyes of other Christians, new windows of devotion, encouragement and growth open. And you will see God--a God who is as big as the whole world--as you have never seen him before.

Noticing God

Noticing God Author Richard Peace
ISBN-10 9780830869978
Year 2012-05-25
Pages 303
Language en
Publisher InterVarsity Press

Where is God? How do we encounter God? How do we know it is God we encounter and not some figment of our imagination? Is it possible to know God in some sort of relational way? Richard Peace believes it is. But it requires a certain level of awareness, a certain discipline of the heart. Peace calls it the "spiritual discipline of noticing God." In this book he unpacks what it means to make a conscious practice noticing God in daily life. He explores the various ways people experience and recognize God's presence, including mystical encounters, ordinary daily life, within our hearts, through other people, through Scripture, nature and the church. Throughout he returns to the question of discernment, helping you understand how you can know that it is indeed God you are meeting in each of these places, not just some fanciful figment of the imagination. God is deeply present in our world, and you can actually encounter him. Here's how.

Preach and Heal

Preach and Heal Author Charles Fielding
ISBN-10 0976764563
Year 2008-07
Pages 256
Language en

"Can you imagine what would happen if we started mixing doctoring and church planting together? In the gospel of Luke, Jesus sent His disciples to preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick. Jesus practiced both. [This book] explores the ideology and practical ways for balanced ministry so that you can effectively reach the lost."--back cover.

Mission Between the Times

Mission Between the Times Author C. René Padilla
ISBN-10 9781907713019
Year 2010-10-04
Pages 232
Language en
Publisher Langham Monographs

This revised version includes a new essay on the contemporary history of integral mission, a history that began with the Latin American Theological Fellowship, progressed within the Lausanne Movement, is bearing fruit globally through the Micah Network, and challenges evangelicals to address the major issues of our day.

Live Life on Purpose

Live Life on Purpose Author Claude Hickman
ISBN-10 9781579218263
Year 2005-07-21
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher WinePress Publishing

Your life only makes sense in the context of God's plan to finish the Great Commission. God has given us the direction we need to make our lives count and leave our mark on eternity. When we find it, we move from merely existing to truly living life on purpose.