Relics from the Crucifixion

Relics from the Crucifixion Author J. Charles Wall
ISBN-10 9781622823277
Year 2016-01-04
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Sophia Institute Press

The Jews usually burned the crosses used by the Romans after executions but following Jesus' crucifixion they quickly threw the Cross in a ditch to get it out of sight before the feast of Passover. That preserved the True Cross, and memory of the events preserved its location. Disgusted with continued Christian veneration of the spot, pagan Roman Emperor Hadrian erected on the Cross's burial site a statue to Venus, hoping thereby to obliterate their memory. It didn’t work. Indeed, because of the statue, when the Empire became Christian, St. Helena knew the exact spot where she would find the very Cross on which Christ died. All relics from Christ's crucifixion have a similarly fascinating story, all of which are told here in this 1910 work by the enterprising Catholic investigator Charles Wall. Among the things you’ll discover in these pages: The miracle that revealed to St. Helena which of the three discovered crosses was that of JesusThe horse’s bit made from a nail of the True Cross, and the successes it brought the horse’s riderThe nails — and why there are so many in existence todayA history of the fortunes the Crown of Thorns to those who held them, and a list of towns where thorns are foundWhere, in 1492, workman accidentally discovered again the actual board on which “King of the Jews” was writtenThe modest Frenchman who saved a holy nail from profanation during the French RevolutionDrawings of the spear of Longinus, and reports of its later use in battlesRelics of Jesus’s actual blood from the Crucifixion: and why it makes sense that some still existsThe veil of Veronica, Christ’s seamless robe, and much more!

Relics of the Christ

Relics of the Christ Author Joe Nickell
ISBN-10 9780813172125
Year 2007-03-16
Pages 232
Language en
Publisher University Press of Kentucky

Religious relics, defined as “either portions of or objects connected with the body of a saint or other holy person,” are among the most revered items in the world. Christian relics such as the Holy Grail, the True Cross, and the Lance of Longinus are also the source of limitless controversy. Such items have incited people to bloodshed and, some say, have been a source of miracles. Relics inspire fear and hope among the faithful and yet are a perennial target for skeptics, both secular and Christian. To research the authenticity of numerous Christian relics, Joe Nickell takes a scientific approach to a field of study all too often tainted by premature conclusions. In this volume, Nickell investigates such renowned relics as the Shroud of Turin, the multiple heads of John the Baptist, and the supposedly incorruptible corpses of saints, first examining the available evidence and documented history of each item. From accounts of true believers to the testimony of the relics’ alleged fabricators, Nickell then presents all sides of each story, allowing the evidence to speak for itself. For each relic, Nickell evaluates both the corroborating and contradictory bodies of evidence and explores whether the relic and attributed miracles can be reconstructed. In addition to his own experiments, Nickell presents findings from the world’s top scientists and historians regarding these controversial objects of reverence and ire, explaining the circumstances under which each case was examined. Radiocarbon dating and tests to determine the validity of substances such as blood or patina indicate a variety of possible origins. Nickell even reveals some of the techniques used to create archaeological forgeries and explains how investigators have exposed them. Each relic is a mystery to be solved; guided by the maxim, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof,” Nickell seeks only the truth.

Witnesses to Mystery

Witnesses to Mystery Author Grzegorz Górny
ISBN-10 9781586178444
Year 2013-11-25
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Ignatius Press

In this lavishly illustrated large coffee-table volume, writer Gorny and photographer Rosikon embarked on a two year investigative journey to seek the truth behind all the relics associated with the passion of Christ. The authors investigated a rich body of documentary evidence found in various museums, archives and churches surrounding sacred objects believed to have been preserved since Jesus' lifetime, exploring and collaborating with historians and scientists in their attempt to verify the relics' authenticity. They reach their conclusions not so much on the basis of faith as on the evidence supplied by historical sources and expert scientific opinion. The relics associated with the Passion - the suffering, death and burial of Christ - have long proved something of an enigma for the scientific community. Relics investigated, and photographed, for this glorious volume include: the Cross, nails, crown of thorns, pillar of scourging, Christ's tunic, the Veil of Manoppello, the Sudarium of Oviedo, the famous Shroud of Turin burial cloth and more.

The Relic Master

The Relic Master Author Christopher Buckley
ISBN-10 9781501125782
Year 2015-12-08
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

From New York Times bestselling author Christopher Buckley, “one of the funniest writers in the English language” (Tom Wolfe), a compelling and hilarious adventure featuring a sixteenth-century relic hunter and his best friend, Albrecht Dürer, who conspire to forge the Shroud of Turin. The year is 1517. Dismas is a relic hunter: one who procures “authentic” religious relics for wealthy and influential clients. His two most important patrons are Frederick the Wise, Elector of Saxony and soon-to-be Cardinal Albrecht of Mainz. While Frederick is drawn to the recent writing of Martin Luther, Albrecht pursues the financial and political benefits of religion and seeks to buy a cardinalship through the selling of indulgences. When Albrecht’s ambitions increase his demands for grander and more marketable relics, Dismas and his artist friend Dürer conspire to manufacture a shroud to sell to the unsuspecting noble. Unfortunately Dürer’s reckless pride exposes Albrecht’s newly acquired shroud as a fake, so Albrecht puts Dismas and Dürer in the custody of four loutish mercenaries and sends them all to steal Christ’s burial cloth (the Shroud of Chambéry), Europe’s most celebrated relic. On their journey to Savoy where the Shroud will be displayed, they battle a lustful count and are joined by a beautiful female apothecary. It is only when they reach their destination that they realize they are not alone in their intentions to acquire a relic of dubious legitimacy. Filled with fascinating details about art, religion, politics and science; Vatican intrigue; and Buckley’s signature wit, The Relic Master is a delightfully rich and intelligent comic adventure.

The Holy Blood

The Holy Blood Author Nicholas Vincent
ISBN-10 0521571286
Year 2001-12-13
Pages 254
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

The first extended study of relics of the blood of Christ, the 'Holy Blood'.

Saints Preserved

Saints Preserved Author Thomas J. Craughwell
ISBN-10 9780307590749
Year 2011-07-12
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Image

A finger, a lock of hair, a crucifix, a chalice—if such items belonged to a saint, they are considered to be relics and as such are venerated by the Catholic Church. Anyone who thinks that relics are remnants of the Middle Ages should log on to eBay. On any day of the week the online shopper will find a thriving business in the sale of these items, ranging from the dust from the tomb of Christ to splinters of the True Cross to bone fragments of countless holy men and women. In Saints Preserved: An Encyclopedia of Relics, author Thomas J. Craughwell takes us on an exhilarating journey through the life and death of more than three hundred saints and along the way enlightens us about the sometimes strange bits and pieces that the saints left behind. Including entries on the famous (Saint Peter, Saint Francis, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux) and the not so famous (Saint Foy, Saint Sicaire, Saint Chrysogonus), Saints Preserved also features information on such notable relics as the Holy House where Jesus, Mary, and Joseph lived; the Crown of Thorns; the Holy Grail; and the seven places that claim to possess the head of Saint John the Baptist—among them a mosque in Damascus. Moreover, this book includes major relics that are enshrined in the United States—for example, the complete skeleton of the Roman martyr Saint Vibiana enshrined in a cathedral in Los Angeles. From the extraordinary Aachen relics to the remains of Saint Zita, Saints Preserved is an indispensable compendium for spiritual seekers, history buffs, and anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the Catholic faith.


Relics Author Joan Carroll Cruz
ISBN-10 0895558599
Year 2015-09-28
Pages 476
Language en
Publisher Tan Books

Scripture speaks of miracles wrought through relics: a dead man was raised when Elisha's bones touched him, and the clothing of Jesus and His apostles healed the sick. In the early Church, Masses were celebrated over the bones of the martyrs, and phials of their blood have effected countless miracles. Direct successors of the Apostles themselves speak of venerating relics; Church Fathers encourage it; throughout the ages of Catholic legacy, relics of the saints are always present. The Church takes diligent care in preserving and documenting the authenticity of her relics. Best-selling author Joan Carroll Cruz takes full advantage of these resources. With painstaking research, she exposes the details behind hundreds of the Church's most famous and beloved relics. She covers 38 second-class relicsof our Lord and Lady, such as the Holy Grail and Our Lady's Veil, and relics of all sorts from 75 favorite saints, such as St. Mary Magdalene, St. Agnes, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Maria Goretti, and many more! Relics is a unique collection of years of dedicated research about the lives of the saints and the mementos they left behind, to remind us of their presence and intercession for us.

What Jesus Saw from the Cross

What Jesus Saw from the Cross Author A. G. Sertillanges
ISBN-10 9780918477378
Year 2008-02
Pages 245
Language en
Publisher Sophia Institute Press

A meditation on the sufferings of Jesus. Never has there been spiritual reading as powerful as What Jesus Saw from the Cross, the book that will intensify your love of Jesus by burning the events of His Passion into your memory and imagination. Written by Rev. A. G. Sertillanges, this acclaimed devotional classic gives you vivid and dramatic details not included in the Gospel.

St Peter s Bones

St  Peter s Bones Author Thomas J. Craughwell
ISBN-10 9780307985101
Year 2014-01-14
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Image

In this fascinating account of the search for the remains of the world's first pope, none other than Peter, the chief apostle of Jesus, Thomas J. Craughwell takes us on one of the most exciting archaeological finds of the twentieth century. In 1448 a team of architects and engineers brought Pope Nicholas V unhappy news: the 1,100-year-old Basilica of St. Peter suffered from so many structural defects that it was beyond repair. The only solution was to pull down the old church--one of the most venerable churches in all of Christiandom--and erect a new basilica on the site. Incredibly, one of the tombs the builders paved over was the resting place of St. Peter. Then in 1939, while reconstructing the grottoes below St. Peter's Basilica, a workman's shovel struck not dirt or rock but open air. After inspecting what could be seen through the hole they'd made in the mausoleum's roof, Pope Pius XII secretly authorized a full-scale excavation. What lay beneath? The answer and the adventure await. In this riveting history, facts, traditions, and faith collide to reveal the investigation, betrayals, and mystery behind St. Peter's burial place.

Truth about Saint Joseph

Truth about Saint Joseph Author Fr. Maurice Meschler
ISBN-10 9781622824526
Year 2017
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Sophia Institute Press

Joseph is the most hidden of the saints – a simple, retiring, and humble man of Nazareth. His exterior life reveals nothing extraordinary or striking. Yet he is exalted by the Church as, next to Mary herself, the greatest of all the saints and even Patron of the Universal Church. Do you know why? Apparently, the Church knows more about St. Joseph than most of us do. This remarkable book finally breaks the silence. Drawing not on private revelations or pious legends, this beautiful and edifying work unearths many truths about St. Joseph hidden in the Gospel, to bring them to light and make use of them in Joseph’s honor. Here you’ll encounter surprising details about the life Joseph led on Earth in the most intimate companionship of Christ as well as the role he is playing even today in the life of the Universal Church. Among the things you’ll discover: Why it’s essential that Joseph be descended from King DavidWhy this descendent of Kings was fated to live in poverty and obscurityHow Joseph was glorious even in his poverty and humiliationWhat his daily life in Nazareth was likeWhy toil and suffering were constant companions to Jesus, Mary, and JosephHow he sanctified his daily labor, and how you can sanctify yoursWhy, without Joseph, Mary could not have become the Mother of GodWhy Joseph particularly welcomed the visit of the shepherdsHow — and why — Joseph was essential to the hidden life of Jesus in NazarethHow Joseph was able to remain calm and courageous in affliction and danger; and how you can, too!The three ways in which St. Joseph is an image of the Heavenly Father HimselfWhy he’s known as “God’s right-hand man”How even now St. Joseph is a benefactor to all members of Christ’s kingdom, including you!Why his death was the happiest a man has ever endured (and three ways he can help yours be happy, too)Why, in times of perplexity, St. Joseph is best the saint to turn toFour reasons St. Joseph particularly deserves your devotion todayAnd much more!


Lucinda Author Terry Thorp
ISBN-10 9781621417347
Year 2012-07-01
Pages 302
Language en
Publisher Terry Thorp

Lucinda is an obscure psychic working in a London backstreet. she is plucked out of her hum-drum job to undertake a quest for the Lords of the Path of Purest Light. Her mission: to locate two missing nails - relics from the Crucifixion Cross. These nails have immense power for good or evil to their possessor. Her adversary in this quest is the Ninth Master - a powerful psychic working for the Fallen Lords of the Paths of Darkness. On her quest, Lucinda travels back in time to 6th Century Egypt and 9th Century Ireland. Are the nails to be found in the scorching deserts of Egypt or the stormy, rocky fastness of Skellig Michael, an island off the south-west coast of Ireland? And why is it so important that these nails are found?

Treasures from Heaven

Treasures from Heaven Author Steven Sora
ISBN-10 0471462322
Year 2005-01-26
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Wiley

A fascinating examination of the most famous religious relics of all time Since the early days of the Church, Christians have venerated religious relics. In this fascinating book, Steven Sora tells the story of Christianity's most treasured artifacts-the Ark of the Covenant, Noah's Ark, the True Cross, the Spear of Destiny, the Shroud of Turin, and the Holy Grail-as well as lesser-known objects such as the Veil of Veronica and the bones and blood of Biblical figures such as St. Luke. After describing when and where these relics first came to light and what miraculous powers people believe they possess, he discusses what modern science can tell us about these much-revered objects-and what science still fails to explain. Steven Sora (Easton, PA) is the author of The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar: Solving the Oak Island Mystery and the forthcoming Secret Societies of America's Elite: From the Knights Templar to Skull and Bones.

Killing Jesus

Killing Jesus Author Bill O'Reilly
ISBN-10 9780805098556
Year 2013-09-24
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Henry Holt and Company

Millions of readers have thrilled to bestselling authors Bill O'Reilly and historian Martin Dugard's Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln, page-turning works of nonfiction that have changed the way we read history. Now the anchor of The O'Reilly Factor details the events leading up to the murder of the most influential man in history: Jesus of Nazareth. Nearly two thousand years after this beloved and controversial young revolutionary was brutally killed by Roman soldiers, more than 2.2 billion human beings attempt to follow his teachings and believe he is God. Killing Jesus will take readers inside Jesus's life, recounting the seismic political and historical events that made his death inevitable - and changed the world forever.

Medieval Hagiography

Medieval Hagiography Author Thomas F. Head
ISBN-10 0415937531
Year 2001
Pages 834
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

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